Message to UNA members from President Heather Smith

United Nurses of Alberta President Heather Smith recorded a phone broadcast to UNA members across Alberta today.

Text of the message:

Statements recently made by the Alberta government are causing serious concerns for UNA members and leaders.

The government’s proposed 3 per cent wage-rollback for UNA members covered by the Provincial Collective Agreement, and their interference in the governance of the Local Authorities Pension Plan, are matters that UNA is taking measures to address.

Today, UNA filed a complaint with the Labour Relations Board seeking an order directing Alberta Health Services to bargain in good faith as required by law and not propose a 3-per-cent rollback.

As for LAPP, no legislation has been introduced yet.

We have legal counsel reviewing the statements included in last week’s budget to help us determine the implications of the proposed changes.

I urge UNA members to visit the union’s website — — and our social media accounts to stay up to date on what is happening with these and other contentious matters.

Thank you for your solidarity. In these challenging times, we will get through this if we stay united.