UNA will fund up to five Associate Members to attend 2017 AGM in October

United Nurses of Alberta will fund up to five Associate Members to attend the 2017 UNA Annual General Meeting in Edmonton.

The AGM is scheduled to take place from October 24 to 26, 2017.

Funding includes transportation to a maximum of $750, accommodation, meal allowance and a ticket to the AGM banquet.

The deadline for submission is September 15, 2017, at 1600.

Interested Associate Members may submit their names directly to UNA Second Vice-President Daphne Wallace by email at daphne@una.ab.ca.

Associate Members are defined under Article 3.08 of the UNA Constitution as “Members who retire or resign and are therefore no longer paying dues to UNA.”

Information on how to apply for Associate Membership can be found under Procedure 18.1 of the UNA Policy and Procedure Manual and in the Forms and Resoruces section of the UNA website.