Welcome to the new UNAnet

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great Holidays! Over the Holidays, we transitioned UNAnet from using FirstClass to using Zimbra and Forums.

As with any transition this large, there will be things missed or changes that may impact your workflow. If you have an emergency, please reach out to Systems Support (systems@una.ca), and we will work to get it resolved quickly.

If you have a question or a non-urgent issue which can wait while we clear the emergencies that will arise in these first few weeks, please prefix the subject with 'Can Wait - .' We appreciate everyone's help and patience as we get through this transition.

Please note: FirstClass crashed several times during the transfer; this means we are still working on transitioning additional emails in the background. You should have your Inbox's complete contents, but some shared mailboxes will have emails from FirstClass arrive during the week.

If you are missing something and need access immediately, you can log into FirstClass (with your old FirstClass credentials) to print the message, copy the contents, or download the attachment.

You may have several emails indicating a Calendar, Briefcase, or Mailbox has been shared with you; you will want to accept these. You can follow the directions here: https://help.una.ca/zimbra-accept-a-shared-item/.

As part of the transition:
Conferences (where a group needed to all have access to email) became Shared Mailboxes; you will see them in the list to the left. Examples are Local XXX Executive Conference, Neg Committee Conference, Labour Relations Conference.

Conferences (predominantly used for Documents) became Briefcases; you find them listed under the Briefcase tab. Examples are Member Resources, Board Documents.

Conferences, used for Member conversations, became Forums, listed under the Forums tab. Examples are News, AGM, the five District Conferences.

You can find a transition mapping here: https://help.una.ca/unanet-transition-mapping/.

For help with Zimbra, you can find a Getting Started Document here: https://help.una.ca/zimbra-getting-started/.

And further help documents here:
Zimbra help: https://help.una.ca/category/zimbra/.
Forums help: https://help.una.ca/category/forums/.

There is no App you use on your phone or tablet to access your UNAnet email; please follow the directions below to access your email from your phone or tablet.

Andrew Johnson
Director of Information Systems
United Nurses of Alberta


  • Edit personal info
  • Sign up for workshops
  • Submit Expense Claims
  • Submit LOA Requests
  • Perform Local Admin tasks

Go to DMS Web


  • Email from your @una.ca account
  • Participate in Discussions
  • View Documents & Resources

Go to Webmail

During the Holidays

During the Holidays while we transition UNAnet several services are unavailable such as Password Reset or Requesting a Membership Card