UNANet is available to all UNA Members

UNA strives to keep its members connected through effective communication. We recognize informed and empowered members are the key to success and strength.

UNA operates UNANet, a secure internal network, for communications and record keeping. As a UNA member, you are entitled to a free UNANet account, providing access to FirstClass forums, your own UNA email account and the Data Management System (DMS Web) for updating personal information, and submitting expense claims and forms. UNANet’s FirstClass forums are used by nurses to discuss everything from nursing practice issues to detailed questions about UNA’s collective agreements.

UNANet is transitioning

As I have been reporting at the Board and Districts, we will be moving off of FirstClass during this year’s Office Closure to a new email and forums platform for UNAnet. UNAnet will not be available for a few days while we transition.

I wanted to invite you to a preview of the new UNAnet. This is not the full deployment and will be missing some things, but is close and intended for you to explore and familiarize yourself with the basics.

I ask you to please login and use the preview and send feedback to systems@una.ca.

  • To access this preview go to: https://zimbra.una.ca
  • Log in with your email address jsmith@una.ca.
  • The password is your 2020 Membership Card PIN (Not the Member ID, the PIN).
  • You will see the individual modules along the top, including access to the Forums. If prompted by the forums software, the login is the same as for Zimbra. You can also access Forums independently here: https://forums.una.ca.

We have also started a help document for Zimbra. It goes over some of the basics, and you can find it here: https://help.una.ca/zimbra-getting-started-video-tutorials/.

Go ahead and play, create calendar items, post messages in the forums, and explore; nothing will be saved from this preview.

Andrew Johnson
Director of Information Systems
United Nurses of Alberta


  • Edit personal info
  • Sign up for workshops
  • Submit Expense Claims
  • Submit LOA Requests
  • Perform Local Admin tasks

Go to DMS Web


  • Email from your @una.ca account
  • Participate in Discussions
  • View Documents & Resources

Go to Webmail

DMS Web and FirstClass Help

Visit UNA's DMS Web and FirstClass online manual to learn how to:
  • File an Expense Claim
  • Request an LOA
  • Register for an Event
  • View your personal information
  • Download your UNA T4

Help me Login

Current Membership CardUNA prints new membership cards every year. If you're having problems logging into DMS Web or FirstClass you will need the most current membership card.

The UNA Mobile App

Get the UNA iPhone/iPad/Android app now

Available for both iOS and Android


App Store


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FirstClass on your Devices

Access your UNANet account with the Mac or Windows FirstClass application:

FirstClass GO

FirstClass Desktop

Mac or Windows

Mac Windows
  1. Locate the downloaded file (FCClient.dmg on Mac or FCClient.msi on Windows) and double-click on it to open the installer window. Double click on the icon in the new window to run the installer. Click Continue and Agree as required for all the installation screens that will pop up.

  2. Once installed, launch FirstClass app by double-clicking on the icon on your desktop or Dock. The FirstClass Login window will appear

  3. Click on the triangle in the very lower left corner of the FirstClass login window, left of the word Advanced.

  4. After the window drops down, look for the Setup button on the lower right side to open the Service Setup window.

  5. In the Service Setup, enter these fields:
    • User ID = your UNANet username
    • Leave Password field blank. If there are any dots, remove them
    • Server = unanet.una.ca (delete any and all previous text in the field)
    • Do not check Log in automatically. All Check Boxes should be empty. Do not fill in information in any of the other fields
    • Click Save on the lower right corner
  6. Click on the triangle in the lower left corner of the login window next to "Advanced" to close the bottom section as you no longer need to have this visible.

This will return you to the Login window. Enter your password and either press Return/Enter or click the green Login arrow.