UNA and AHS commit to consolidating and improving application of Dispute Resolution Process

Representatives of United Nurses of Alberta and Alberta Health Services have signed a joint commitment letter on consolidating successful practices in the application of the Dispute Resolution Process set out in Article 32 of the Provincial Collective Agreement.

Several years of work by UNA and AHS labour relations staff to improve the effectiveness and timeliness of the process preceded the letter signed in September by UNA and AHS. The letter will be distributed to affected union and management labour relations staff and affected AHS employees.

The letter notes that a series of joint statements on recommended practices will be distributed by both UNA and AHS. Topics are expected to include initial problem solving, resolution meetings, DRACs, disclosure of information, and terminology. Additional documents will be sent out in mid-November and early December.

In addition, a 2006 document on improving the effectiveness of the collective agreement’s grievance process has been updated to reflect current practices. UNA and AHS are “committed to delivering workshops to be jointly attended by both UNA labour relations staff and representatives and AHS labour relations staff,” the memorandum noted.

Both parties recommitted themselves to the dispute resolution principles embodied in Article 32.01 of the collective agreement, among them:

  • Encouraging open, face-to-face dialogue among people involved in a dispute
  • Achieving timely and effective resolutions
  • Supporting a positive, harmonious work environment
  • Minimizing the time and cost of resolving disputes
  • Finding solutions that are consistent with the terms of the collective agreement

“Both parties recognize how important it will be to sustain this commitment,” the commitment letter concluded.